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1) What is a certified translation? Should I ask for it to ensure the quality of the translation?

Certified translations come with a certification that certification that confirms the accuracy and precision of the translation, and which is recognised by an official entity. It is predominately used for official documents such as certificates and deeds. If your project is of any other kind, there is no need to ask for a certified translation, as we always provide a high-quality translation.


2) How many languages are available for translation?


We offer translation services in more than 90 languages, provided by skilled professionals who guarantee reliable and accurate translations. Send us your documents for analysis and receive a quote within 24 hours.


3) How long will my translation take?

The time required for each translation is determined by the complexity and length of the material. For an estimate of delivery or if you need your project within a specific deadline, please provide us with as much details as possible along with the file itself. We will analyse it and reply as soon as possible.



4) What is the translation process like?


  • i. Analysis

Firstly, the document is analysed based on the specific characteristics of the text, the subject/theme addressed, the format and quality of the file, as well as the source and target language. We will select the most suitable professional for that specific project and send you a quote.

  • ii. Preparation

This stage includes all the steps we take before translating, including:

- Preformatting.

- Text extraction or conversion to other formats.

- Preparation and use of glossaries and translation memories from the sector.

  • iii. Translation

The translation is then made by a translator specialised in the field and native and/or bilingual to ensure a high-quality job.

For larger projects with tight deadlines, we may need to use a group of translators, but rest assured that the consistency of the translation is preserved.

  • iv. Revision

Lastly, a revision is conducted by another professional, who is also a specialist in the field and a native and/or bilingual. This person will carry out the required changes and/or corrections, if necessary, in terms of any typing, syntax or terminology errors, thus ensuring that the translation is accurate, exact and 100% faithful to the original document.


5) Is there a minimum word limit for translations?

For most languages there is a minimum word limit. Depending on the language, it can vary between 200 and 450 words. With a regular partnership with a company, however, in certain languages it is possible to submit smaller texts each time.



6) What is the difference between a Translator and an Interpreter / Simultaneous Translator?


Translator handles translations of all types of written files, while an Interpreter / Simultaneous Translator interprets what is heard and reproduces the translation orally in real time (simultaneously).  To avoid any interferences in the meetings and/or events where this service is provided, the translators usually stay in specialised translation booths with their own equipment for listening and transmitting. Those who need to listen to the translation are provided with their own audio equipment with different channels (if there are several languages) so that they can tune in to the language they want to hear.  GOTYKAGE offers you the best professionals for a wide variety of situations and needs.


7) Companies should already be prepared with translation booths or does GOTYKAGE rent booths and all the necessary equipment for events where simultaneous translation is required?


The company is not required to have translation equipment or booths. Nevertheless, you should precisely explain the requirements and give details of the event and the venue.

If the company owns already a part of the equipment, you can rent only what is missing. For further information, please contact us.


8) What is the difference between a Consecutive Translator and a Simultaneous Translator?


Simultaneous Translator interprets what is heard and and orally reproduces the translation in real time (simultaneously).  To avoid interferences in the meetings and/or events where this service is provided, the Simultaneous Translator usually stays in specialised translation booths with equipment to listen and transmit.

Consecutive Translator interprets what is heard and orally reproduces the translation immediately after it has been said. . In other words, the translator is usually given time to listen to the speaker and to orally reproduce it for the other. This type of service is more suitable for small meetings involving negotiations or conversations in which no audio or transmission equipment is required.


9) What is the difference between translation and revision?


Translation is the conversion or transformation of a text from a source language into a target language, while maintaining the original meaning as faithful as possible. On the other hand, revision is a process that done after the translation and is aimed at verifying the quality and accuracy of the translation. During the revision, the final adjustments are made for full quality assurance.

Revision may also be a service for non-translated documents, that is, in their original language. This is done to ensure that they are correctly worded and that there are no typographical, orthographical, syntax or other errors before they are signed or go to print, for example.


10)  What is the difference between dubbing and subtitling?

Dubbing refers to the translated oral reproduction of the original spoken audio of a video. For example, in a movie, you will see the actors moving their lips according to the original language in which the video was recorded. With dubbing, however, you will hear it in another language, and you may notice that the reproduction might seem to be slightly out of sync with the actors' original movements.

Subtitling is the text that appears at the bottom of the video screen (typically in one or two lines). It may present the text of the original language which is reproduced orally as a transcription, or it may be a translation into another language. This allows the video to be viewed and understood by people from other countries and nationalities.

This type of service is quoted per minute, not per word. For more information, please contact us!


11) What is the purpose of transcription services?

A transcription service can be used for multiple purposes. As mentioned before, for video subtitling in the same language, an audio transcription of the video may be carried out.

In the case of reports, interviews, audio recordings of courts, among others, where it is essential to have a written record, it is necessary to perform an audio transcription - everything is recorded and organised into a written document.

In the case of old books and documents in poor condition or even handwritten, which need to be converted to digital format, the written document is transcribed into a new written (digital) format.


12) What is Copywriting?

Copywriting or Creative Writing is the process of rewriting a text in a more persuasive, original, and creative style. It is often applied in blog articles and increasingly in texts for brochures, catalogues, websites, among others.

13) How can I receive a quote?


You can request a free quote for the services you need by filling in our contact form with no commitment. We will analyse your request and reply as soon as possible.





14) Why use a professional digital marketing service?

Digital Marketing can be useful to increase sales, strengthen relationships with customers, promote interaction and participation and develop the brand online. Regardless of the goal, our services allow you to boost your online presence across multiple channels and platforms using the most appropriate tools to help your business grow.


15) Do I need Digital Marketing services in my business?

Any activity or business can benefit from Digital Marketing services. Given the growing evolution of the Web and the E-Consumer, companies are seeking to create and maintain a closer relationship with these consumers. The key to success is to create an online presence to interact more closely with your niche or market segment.

It is essential to be one step ahead of the competition and to always be right where the consumer is as well​.

Get in touch with us and we will give you more details on how your business can benefit from our services.


16) I do not know what content to publish on social media. Can you help me?


"Content is King" - it is what drives engagement and interaction between the company and the audience. Therefore, it is vital to publish relevant content using the most appropriate formats. If you are not sure what content is most suitable, we provide content creation services tailored to the characteristics of your business and target audience to enable greater reach and increase the number of interactions.

17) What social networks do you work with?


We work with many social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, among others. We create content and design the most appropriate and relevant strategies for each.


18) Should I be active on as many social networks as possible?

The purpose of social media is to find your audience where they are. It is pointless to focus your efforts on a certain social network if the people you want to reach are not there. The main point is to create the most effective strategies that are best for each business and situation.



19) Why hire the services of a professional designer?


A professional designer has the expertise and skills in design and software to provide a high quality and appealing design that is tailored to the needs of the customer. Now that image is becoming increasingly important, professional design makes the difference for any business.



20) Can I be involved in the design process?

We always seek to listen to our clients from the very beginning of the process. Before starting, we assess the scope, scale, and essential details of the project, making sure we know exactly the requirements and expectations of the customer.

Throughout the project, we may ask the customer about some design-related choices, such as which colours or fonts to use. After completing it, we send the design to the customer for approval. After that, we send the final files, or in case any adjustments are needed, we make the necessary changes and then proceed with the final delivery.

In any case, we are always available to answer any questions that may arise throughout the process.


21) Can I change my mind in the middle of the design project?

Naturally, you may change your mind during the project. If this happens, please give us your feedback so we can adjust the design according to your comments and revisions.

If these changes imply any additional service or affect the final price in any way, we will submit any costs for approval before proceeding​.


22) What if I do not like the design?

Our mission is to ensure complete satisfaction of our clients. If the design does not meet your expectations, then we will approach the project with another perspective. However, we always ask for information to ensure that the project is in line with the intended and expected concept.

23) I need a design urgently. Can you help me?


We can usually accommodate last minute projects, depending on their length and the projects already in progress. If you need our design services urgently, please contact us to assess availability.

24) Can I ask for the files of a project again in the future?   

Upon delivery of the final files, it is the client's sole and exclusive responsibility to ensure that they are kept in a safe place and backed up in case of loss. A GOTYKAGE não garante a existência dos ficheiros mesmo fazendo backups conservando-os somente por 6 meses e não se responsabiliza por qualquer perda durante esse período depois de devidamente entregues ao cliente. 



25) What kind of training courses do you offer and where?


We offer several training courses for companies, so you can improve the quality and value of your employees.

Our courses are primarily focused on communication:

Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Social Media Management, Content Creation for Social Media, Business Strategies, Languages for the business/commercial sector, Copywriting, E-Business, Introduction to the use and protection of personal data, Design Techniques, Communication Techniques - Non-Personal Selling, Communication plans and campaigns, Mobile Management, Social Media, Non-Personal Customer Service, Social Media Advertising, Management of business presence on social media, Digital marketing techniques and social media management, Complaints Management, among others.

After defining the best training plan according to the sector, our trainers will come to your company on the agreed dates. During times of confinement, state of alert, emergency, or calamity (when COVID-19 is still active and poses a risk to on-site training), all courses will be delivered using online platforms and video conferencing.



26) How is the price of translations calculated?


The price of translations depends on several factors:

  • Source and target languages

  • The number of words

  • The deadline for delivery

  • The file formats

  • The complexity of the texts


27) What is the price for other services?

As we offer a wide variety of services, the prices practiced also differ. You can request a quote for your project, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Subtitling and audio/video transcription projects are charged per minute. Consecutive and simultaneous translation services are charged per hour, half-day, or day, plus travel expenses, etc.

For creative services, each project is analysed and quoted individually.


28) How do I pay?

Payment is made by bank transfer within the set deadlines. If you need help with the payment process, please contact us.

For most services, you are required to pay 50% in advance and the remaining 50% on the day before the final files are delivered.

Some projects require prompt payment, while others, depending on the type of partnership and regularity of collaboration may be given 30- or 60-days credit up to a stipulated limit, following financial analysis.



29) How do I know if you have received my request?

After submitting your request, you will receive a confirmation email stating the follow-up procedure.      


30) How long will it take for my project to be completed?

The time spent on each project depends on the type and extent of the work. If the customer does not specify a deadline, then we will provide an estimated delivery date once we have received and analysed all the details of the project.


31) How do you guarantee the quality of the work?

Our team is comprised of skilled and qualified individuals who have the knowledge and capabilities to ensure that the services are delivered according to what has been previously defined, in a timely manner and in compliance with all quality standards.


32) Do you guarantee the confidentiality of my documents?

GOTYKAGE is committed to protecting your privacy. We ensure that all documents are treated with the utmost secrecy and confidentiality. We know how important the security of your information is and, therefore, we adopt all the procedures that ensure its protection.

33) Can you sign a confidentiality agreement?

We always make sure that all project information is confidential. Nevertheless, we can sign a confidentiality agreement, so you feel safer.


34) In which formats can I send the documents?


The material can be sent in different formats according to its type (text, audio, video, images...). Should you have any questions, please contact us so that we can clarify all your doubts concerning the accepted formats.


35) How do I receive my requests?

It will depend on the service you choose, but the most common methods are email, Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, or any other file transfer or storage service.

All printed materials, such as certified documents or advertising material, will be sent via CTT Expresso or Chronopost.


36) How can I find out more about the company and be informed about your services and special campaigns?

You can subscribe to our newsletter and receive regular information on our services and special conditions for subscribers.


37) How can I cancel my subscription to the newsletter?

Simply reply to the email with the word REMOVE on the subject or click on the link in the newsletter where it says "Unsubscribe".


If you have any other questions that are not answered in this section, please feel free to contact us!

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