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These Terms and Conditions govern the use of the Site and Service of ENIGMORIGINAL LDA (hereinafter referred to by its trading name, GOTYKAGE), with VAT No. 515 501 913 and headquarters at Rua Frei Caetano Brandão, 287, 3º Dto, 3720-265 Oliveira de Azeméis, which is accessible at

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully. Navigation on the Site implies that the user accepts the Terms and Conditions contained herein. If you do not agree with one or more of the Conditions contained herein, you should not use the Service.

1. Scope and Services

GOTYKAGE provides services to users, complying with high quality standards adapted to the specific needs and requirements of each customer. It is committed to and ensures the rigorous execution of all projects assigned and in accordance with the conditions set out herein. 

2. Privacy Policy

The content and personal data provided through this Site is governed by GOTYKAGE's Privacy and Cookie Policy, which we encourage the user to read thoroughly. Browsing this Site implies acceptance of the Terms and Conditions herein, as well as this Privacy Policy.

3. Services

    3.1 Receiving Files

GOTYKAGE accepts files in several formats, including .docx; .PDF; .ppt; .xml; .ai; .indd; .psd, other editable formats or formats that are easily convertible or recognised by optical character readers. If the customer wishes to send a file which is not included herein, he/she should contact GOTYKAGE.

Low resolution files (e.g., scanned, or photographed files) may be charged an additional fee based on their condition, as they may require a transcription service.

The customer may send the files in different ways, depending on their type and size, but the most common methods include email, Dropbox, Google Drive and WeTransfer. If the customer wishes another method, he/she should contact GOTYKAGE to request and agree on a method convenient for both parties.


   3.2 Quality Control

GOTYKAGE performs a thorough process of quality control in any project it executes to ensure that the final work meets the standards and requirements of the client and the market.

With respect to the translation service, the quality control process usually includes the following:

- Each document is translated and revised by professionals with specific training in the area and native speakers of the language in question.

- The translations done on CAT platforms require the translation and revision stages and a Quality Report based on the Translation Memory for the specific field in question.

- Any document is always revised and tested by QR (Quality Report) to ensure that the final translation meets the highest quality standards.

Any other project is executed following the quality standards and customer requirements, to ensure that they meet their expectations and demands.


   3.3 Delivering projects

The delivery of the final projects carried out by GOTYKAGE will depend on their nature and may be made available to the client in electronic or non-electronic format.

In the case of delivery of the final project in electronic format, this can be done via email, Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, or other method that is compatible with the characteristics of the project or that is agreed between both parties. 

There is also the possibility of delivery in non-electronic format, as is the case with certified translations (which include the translation certificate), that will be sent by CTT, other transport service, or another method to be agreed with the customer.


3.4 Project Size

In general, GOTYKAGE does not request a minimum limit regarding the size of the projects. Nevertheless, for translation services, there may be a minimum word limit for certain language pairs, which may vary between 200 and 1,000 words.


3.5 Technical Specifications

GOTYKAGE has the capacity and skills to carry out projects of several types and within several areas of activity, providing services of creative and linguistic nature.

In the translation domain, GOTYKAGE executes translation services in several activity sectors, employing the proper technical language (science, medicine, technology, among many others).


3.6 Service Level

GOTYKAGE is available to receive any request and process and execute such projects on business days until its delivery within the previously stipulated deadline, except for reasons of force majeure that may prevent it, including, but not limited to general strikes, changes in public order, fires, earthquakes, floods, dangerous atmospheric changes, sabotage, electricity and/or internet failures or other interferences that prevent its execution.

3.7 Non-Compliance and Refunds

In case GOTYKAGE fails to comply with the levels of quality of service, it will be subject to the following penalties.

- If there are errors and mistakes attributed to GOTYKAGE in the translation of documents, which are not a consequence of errors in the original version, the translation will be repeated at the expense of GOTYKAGE, without additional charges to the customer.

- If any action resulting from the execution of the projects leads to image loss for the client, GOTYKAGE will assume responsibility up to the total value of the hired service, unless these losses are caused by failures in sending data and information, communication failures or non-compliance with the requirements and technical standards or data structures previously agreed.

4. Hiring of Third Parties and Confidentiality

    4.1 Hiring of Third Parties

GOTYKAGE does not outsource projects to third entities.


   4.2 Confidentiality

GOTYKAGE undertakes not to disclose any data or information from its customers. Every person who collaborates with GOTYKAGE signs a secrecy and confidentiality agreement.

GOTYKAGE also accepts to conclude a Confidentiality Agreement with the customer. This may only be breached if one of the following events occurs:

- In case of a legal requirement;

- For disclosure to employees or auditors, provided that the lawyer agrees to keep the same confidential.



5. Payment Conditions and Methods

    5.1 Payment Conditions

GOTYKAGE may, in some circumstances, request partial payment of the service before the service is provided to the customer, which may vary in terms of percentage in accordance with the nature of the service.


   5.2 Payment Methods

GOTYKAGE accepts payment by bank transfer. After verifying the transfer, GOTYKAGE will send you the completed projects.



6. Complaints

Customers may lodge a complaint regarding any issue by email to

7. Copyright and ownership rights

All content featured on this website is the property of GOTYKAGE, including images, logos, graphics, text or any other audio and video material, unless stated otherwise.

Therefore, any display, reproduction, modification or use of any of the contents, for any purpose, without the prior and explicit approval of the company, is forbidden. Any reproduction, total or partial, must be followed by the source.

8. Interruption and suspension of access

GOTYKAGE reserves the right to suspend access to the Site without prior notice and for the duration it deems necessary, without being held responsible and without obligation to provide any compensation or indemnity, whether for technical reasons, administrative nature or any other that is not stated here.

9. Forbidden actions

Any actions or activities considered inappropriate, harmful, or illegal under current legislation are forbidden and can include, but are not limited to:

- Use of the Site for sending viruses or others that may harm or cause damage to company property;

- Use of the Site for distribution of obscene, defamatory, pornographic, racist or any other content considered inappropriate or illegal;

- Use of the Site to violate privacy rights;

- Use of the Site for spamming, phishing, or similar purposes.


10. Limitation of Liability

GOTYKAGE disclaims any liability for damages or risks that may result from the information contained on this Site.

11. Changes

GOTYKAGE may, at any time and without prior notice, make changes or revisions to these Terms and Conditions. We recommend users to frequently review the latest version with the corresponding changes which will appear on the Site.

By continuing to browse and use the Site, you agree to the changes to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to the changes made, please stop using the Site.

12. Breach of Terms and Conditions

GOTYKAGE reserves the right to apply appropriate action in the event of any breach, or attempted breach, of these Terms and Conditions, including the suspension or blocking of access to any user who incurs such an act.

13. Applicable laws

These Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted and governed under the laws in force in accordance with the Portuguese laws.


14. Contact

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please send an email to


These Terms and Conditions were last updated on 2021/04/25.

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